A nice candle can improve your environment with the strike of a match, whether your home appears like a neatly curated Pinterest board or an unfinished passion project. Why shouldn’t your home have its own signature scent?

Because the best-smelling candles are an investment, finding the right one for you isn’t always easy. That’s why we went straight to the source: house bloggers, interior designers, and lifestyle influencers (aka the individuals whose homes cause you major Instagram envy). Read on for the Graciemoonscents 14 best-smelling candles for any budget, ranging from spicy to fruity aromas.

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Benjoin Scented Candle by Diptyque

Diptyque Benjoin is my all-time fave. The aroma is difficult to describe, yet it is really comforting. It’s spicy but not overpowering, and if I had to pick just one fall or winter candle for the house, this would be it! —Cassandra Lavalle, founder of Coco Kelley and interiors blogger

Apocalyptic Byredo Candle

Byredo Apocalyptic would have to be my favorite candle if I had to choose one. It has a smoky, woody aroma that instantly transports you to a cabin or by a fireplace. Because the aroma doesn’t always go far, I’d suggest keeping it in a smaller place (like in a bathroom or in a corner by your bedside). —Ryan Norville, owner of Oat Cinnamon and a florist

Cypress Pink Disco Candle

Brooklyn Candle Studio’s eco-friendly candles come in beautiful minimalist packaging, which I adore. With an aroma that will remind you of a newly cut Christmas tree, the Cypress candle is perfect for the holidays. —Lifestyle blogger Jessica Kirby

Palo Santo 14 by Le Labo

I only use Palo Santo by Le Labo. It reminds me of home, ritual, and habit. The perfume is enticing to me—sweet yet woodsy at the same time, with undertones of pine, lemon, and mint. Palo santo (holy wood) has been used for spiritual purification and energy cleaning for generations. The burning of the wood is thought to eliminate negative energy and restore tranquillity while producing a calmer environment. —Athena Calderone, interior designer

Juniper Terra Candle by P.F. Candle Co.

I prefer burning unscented beeswax tapers, but I do enjoy a mild aroma now and then, especially in the dead of winter. P.F. Candles Terra Candles, notably the Juniper and Western Red Cedar scents, are perfect for this, as they are wonderful and wintry without being overpowering in our little room. The candles are poured into simple terra-cotta pots that may be reused once the candle is completed, but even the paper wrapping is attractive. (In the closed cardboard containers that the candles come in, I keep little craft supplies!) —Erin Boyle, photographer and writer

Capri Blue Jar Candle by Anthropologie

I adore this perfume since it’s so light and delicious. Plant a succulent in the jar as a repurposed tip for plant mothers! —Lifestyle influencer Sabrina Tan

Cedar Matte Glass Candle by Jenni Kayne

Jenni Kayne’s Cedar Candle is my current favorite. I love the cedar and fir notes that transport you to a forest, but the rose and tobacco provide depth to the perfume, balancing it out and making it a touch sexier. —C.L.

No. 2 Follain Candle

Follain’s Candle No. 2 is my favorite fragrance candle. It’s nontoxic, manufactured from sustainable vegetable wax with a cotton wick, and has a light, refreshing aroma that transports you to a spa. —J.K.

Safran Byredo Candle

I’m not generally a fan of gourmand-themed candles, but I’d be hard pushed to find a Byredo perfume that I didn’t enjoy. Thanks to complementary notes of saffron, black pepper, and amber, the vanilla note in this one is peppery and incredibly complex, rather than cloying. It has all the luscious warmth of your favorite cashmere sweater, earning it a permanent home on my bedside table. —Victoria Hoff, Ritual’s content strategist

Hinoki Fantôme Candle Smells

After a quick peek at the scent profile, I snatched this one. It’s as if someone combined all of my favorite aromas into a one gorgeous candle. It smells smoky, woody, and somewhat spicy, like fine incense burning on a wet day. —V.H.

1977 Amber Interiors Candle

The 1977 Candle is one of my favorites because it not only smells wonderful but also serves a variety of purposes: The candle’s base is a match striker, and the ceramic vase is reusable. —All Sorts Of founder Amber Lewis

In Fig Leaf, Le Feu Vert

It’s strange to say, but this perfume has a special meaning for me. This candle was given to me by a friend the day after I moved across the nation to Los Angeles. I recall laying on the floor of my new apartment, with no furniture, contemplating this wild new chapter in my life while attempting to mask the smell of fresh paint with this lovely fig perfume. Since then, it’s been my favorite candle. —V.H.

Hazelnut Coffee with Ebony & Ivory

I’m a big fan of Ebony & Ivory Candle Co.’s candles, especially Hazelnut Coffee. It’s a little business with wonderful scents, which is why I like to support it. Every now and then, she produces candles in Rae Dunn mugs, which are the perfect present because you can use the mug after the candle is completed! —Brittany Robertson, a blogger at home

Desert Cactus Votivo Aromatic Candle

This is one of my all-time favorites—so it’s light and refreshing! When guests come over to my house while it’s lit, I always receive praises. The best candle I’ve ever used! —S.T.


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