A rapidly changing world necessitates the development of new treatments, sciences, and technology. Unfortunately, as new innovations are found, developed, and sold to the general public, there is a gap in understanding of what they might do to people in the long run. Men and women are becoming addicted to new pharmaceuticals that didn’t exist twenty years ago, and experimental medical treatments are causing more problems than they solve. However, advancements aren’t limited to health; there are also new challenges in consumer technology to consider. As a society, we are continuously bombarded with new smartphones, laptops, and gadgets. While the dangers of this new technology are frequently addressed, another disorder has been enslaving youngsters and adults for the past 20 years: satta king video game addiction.

What Is The Definition Of Video Game Addiction?

Addiction to video games is a contentious topic. Despite numerous studies and incidents, it is still believed that people cannot become addicted to non-substances such as gambling or pornography. However, there have been an increasing number of incidents of video game addiction, but what exactly is it?

A need to play a specific game or type of game is known as video game addiction. We are seeing an increasing number of people in our modern world suffering from new technologies and entertainment, unable to consume or focus on anything else. Video games are no different. People who are addicted to video games will spend many hours each day playing their favorite game, ignoring their friends, family, work, and even their own needs.

Why Do People Get Into Video Games?

Video games can be misused in the same manner that drugs and alcohol are abused. People are looking for a way out. MMOs (Massively Multiplayer Online Games) are one of the most commonly abused platforms. The reason for this is that many people can achieve a degree of interaction that would make them uncomfortable in real life. Putting a computer between them and another person can help them hide a part of themselves that they don’t like and boost their confidence.

Character-playing games (RPGs) are about more than just the game mechanics; they allow players to take on the role of someone else. They can be the person they want to be without fear of rejection or failure, and with relatively few negative consequences. People, on the other hand, are often addicted to a single game depending on their needs and feelings.

The Top 5 Games That People Get Addicted To

1. Addiction to Fortnite (Or Solo-Competitive Online Games)

Fortnite appears to have become a phenomenon overnight due to its popularity. The new game, its gameplay, and its prize boxes were all praised. Since its inception in 2017, it has quickly accumulated over 125 million users, with some even streaming and profiting from competitive play. According to one player, he earns $500,000 every month. So, what’s the drawback? To begin with, Fortnite was identified as a reason in 200 divorce cases in the United Kingdom between January and September of 2018. It’s a terrible fact, but when people participate in competitive games like these, they’re more likely to become completely immersed in them. Many people think of video game addiction as a problem that primarily affects youngsters, but it may affect married individuals as well, and they may lose their relationship as a result.

The participants’ faces exhibited more positive feeling as the complexity of the surroundings, diversity of opponents, and difficulty grew, but their skin suggested higher arousal.

2. Addiction to League of Legends (Or Team-Based Competitive Online Games)

League of Legends, like Fortnite, has a competitive element that can keep players hooked. The only distinction is that the game is played in a group setting. This means that those who establish groups are essentially creating their own community, which promotes their addiction. They are now not just participating in the game, but also practicing with a team that is pressuring them to do better and play longer. Another concern is that it provides the user with additional potential triggers. They are responsible not only for the actions of other players, but also for the actions of their own teammates. There are now at least four other people who can be blamed if they lose a match, keep getting murdered, or even fail at something in the real world because they spend too much time online.

3. World of Warcraft (or MMO/RPG) Addiction

World of Warcraft is arguably the most well-known MMO on the planet. It’s one of the most popular games, and it’s a great illustration of what an online gaming community might be like. People can feel the pull of new acquaintances in the same way they can feel the pull of a competitive encounter. RPGs are often played for the sake of escapism. To live in a magical world where magic and dragons exist, but where people can be whoever they wish. They can be younger, older, stronger, or more handsome than you are. They can believe whatever they choose. They don’t have the same problems talking to people on the phone as they do in person. No one else will ever know if they are exactly who they say they are.

RPGs also provide individuals a better sense of control over their surroundings. People who become addicted to games like World of Warcraft may do so as a result of uncontrollable stress in their actual lives. Living life through a game can give them a sense of power and divert their attention away from their other concerns.

4. Addiction to Call of Duty (Or First-Person Shooters)

Much has been stated about first-person shooter games, such as Call of Duty, and how they are causing people to become aggressive. While this hasn’t been established, investigations evaluating the level of involvement these games elicit have been conducted. They’ve progressed so far that they’re now able to indulge some of our hunter-gatherer ancestors’ innate characteristics. Gamers who play first-person shooters have higher levels of adrenaline, according to studies. Many people will be drawn in by this alone, but the stimulus that comes with it can make people more erratic when things happen in the game.

5. Candy Crush Saga (/Or Mobile Games) Addiction

We can now have all of our entertainment with us at all times thanks to technological advancements. We may now watch TV, read the news, and read books anytime we choose. Unfortunately, people today have access to video games no matter where they are. People can play popular games like Candy Crush, Farmville, and even Fortnite at any time. When they’re out, they don’t need to mingle or communicate with others because they’re focused on their game. Microtransactions, on the other hand, make these games much more hazardous to one’s health. From 2015 to 2016, On Man reportedly spent $10,000 on microtransactions.


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