Your front door is the perfect complement to the overall appearance of your property. It welcomes visitors, beautifies your home, and safeguards you and your family. The color, style, glass, and makeup of your entry door have a direct impact on curb appeal. It provides you with security thanks to cutting-edge locking systems. Its entire vibe can provide your family and friends a warm welcome and extend warm hospitality from the moment they step foot on your property.

How to Choose the Right Front Door for Your Raleigh, North Carolina Home Home

Your front door should match the style of your house and the outside color scheme. It is a reflection of your individuality and serves as a distinctive entry to your home. How do you go about determining the finest front door replacement option for your home? Here are a few pointers to help you get started:

1. Select the Best Door Material

Begin by considering your material possibilities and selecting the one that best suits your long-term requirements.

Doors made of steel

Steel doors are both economical and functional. They are extremely safe and provide some of the strongest security available in an entry Internal Doors.

Doors Made of Fiberglass

When it comes to durability, fiberglass doors are unrivaled. They can survive the elements with ease, and their makeup makes them low maintenance (unlike wood doors) (think canoes and hard hats).

2. Make Your Home’s Architecture Work for You

There’s a door for every kind of home, whether it’s Traditional, Modern, Contemporary, or Craftsman. Here are some suggestions for where to begin when choosing the style of your new entry door:


To match the elegance of your home, choose timeless, traditional features for your entry door. A strong fiberglass door with a wood-like appearance is a good place to start. To bring out the best in your door’s overall appeal, consider adding strong hardware and a rich color.


A Craftsman home’s artistic appeal necessitates a more interesting entry door. A fiberglass door with beautiful “Craftsman light” glass in the upper third of the door will give your home a classic Craftsman appeal. This lovely door lets plenty of natural light into your home, giving it a cheery vibe you’ll enjoy all year.

Contemporary vs. Modern

The Modern home is built on the foundations of clean lines, wide spaces, and abundant of natural light. To compliment your home’s sleek, high-end aesthetic, choose a robust steel or durable fiberglass front door with glass panels.


To add visual interest to your Cottage style home, add a splash of color. If you prefer a more conservative look, match your new entry door to the color of your home’s trim. A robust fiberglass door may simulate the classic look of wood, perfectly matching the design of your Cottage home.

3. Select the Best Entry Door

Check out ProVia’s handy online visualizer tool, which allows you to check out your new door before you buy it. Choose from a wide range of options and consider how they will complement your home to feel confident in your decision.


Get an extremely energy-efficient fiberglass door with authentic woodgrain. Improved insulation, energy savings, and aesthetics are all advantages. Get the best weather and temperature protection possible.

Fiberglass SIGNET®

Enjoy the stunning old-world craftsmanship and elegant beauty. The most accurate representation of woodgrain fiberglass entry doors may be found here. There are seven stain colors to choose from, as well as the Knotty Alder Series, Cherry, Mahogany, Fir, and Oak. Along with your beautiful new entry door, get the finest finish warranty in the business.


This energy-saving, sturdy, heavy-duty 20-gauge steel entry door gives you piece of mind and provides the best protection against attackers.


Combine the elegant look of hardwood with the strength and security of fiberglass. These stunning entry doors are available in heights up to 8 feet tall, with sidelite heights adjustable in 1/8th-inch increments for an unique fit.

4. Include eye-catching hardware

Choose gear that is visually appealing and delivers the functions you require. Enjoy long-lasting ProVia hardware selections. Get the function and aesthetic you want for your home’s inside and outside. Choose highest security deadbolts and get a lifetime mechanical warranty as well as an anti-tarnish finish warranty to ensure long-lasting beauty.

5. Pour in the glass

Choose the glass for your entrance door to provide visual interest and beauty. Add ProVia’s ComforTechTM glazing package to doors with glass to improve energy efficiency. It’s available in clear, ornamental glass, and Inspirations Art Glass.


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