General International’s 90-170B, in addition to all six of such analyze saws, did a fine career of common rip- and curve-cutting having a 1/4″ blade. But, a saw designed for tall resawing in addition to general slicing must fulfill three major standards for me personally: the blade manuals needs to be easy to adapt (since you’ll wish to change to and fro between large resaw or thin cutting blades) the rip fence and has should aid in resawing and the motor must be gutsy enough to maintain the blade rotating through wide carry.

In many of these values, the 90-170B offers quite a bit to provide. It athletics a ample, 16″ by 20″ cast-metal dinner table, plus a tough higher blade information post techniques smoothly up and down on carrier-and-pinion equipment to regulate its decreasing size. The dinner table sits on a pair of twice- walled trunnions that enable it to lean and secure safely, and when tipped, the kitchen table is strengthened by an additional assist arm and lock button in rear.

This saw carries with it an Excalibur T-sq type fencing that, as a result of bearings, rolls smoothly on its front rail for tearing or resawing. A curved resaw connection mounting bolts onto offer workpiece “steering,” for handling any blade drift concerns during resawing. I wish the accent have been higher than 31⁄2″, however: for the maple resawing test, I needed bigger file backup help, and so i used a store-produced resaw jig instead.

A feet braking system (left), frequent on larger sized metal cutting band saws, helps make quick ceases for safety achievable on General’s 90-170B. Regardless of how small your retail outlet, when you have a 110-volt receptacle, it is possible to operate this saw, and all sorts of other folks presented on this page. Motors (right) are rewired for a regular electric outlet.

A ft . braking system (remaining), popular on larger sized band saws, helps make speedy prevents for protection probable on General’s 90-170B. No matter how modest your go shopping, if you have a 110-volt receptacle, it is possible to manage this saw, and others presented on this page. Motors (proper) are rewired for a regular wall socket.

Except for Laguna, Standard as well as the other analyze saws have tennis ball-displaying lower and upper blade instructions — an even more heavy-duty solution in comparison to the “cool blocks” you’ll still find on some standard 14″ band saws. Double part bearings along with a deal with-mounted thrust aided maintain the 3/4″-broad resawing blade tracking straight about the 90-170B, and they also adapt pretty easily as well. The side bearings turn eccentrically having a screw driver for great realignment, when either an Allen screw or a smallish thumbscrew hair them.

But, acquiring a wide blade into position to begin with is fussy function here. Cutting blades stress via a area slit around the dinner table, then has to be converted 90° in a tiny throat plate starting, whilst threading it in by way of a slit from the saw’s yellow-colored upper blade shield and involving the manual bearings. After the blade is in the wheels, the reduced still left information displaying is actually difficult to alter without tipping the desk up initially. It’s all achievable, needless to say, but it might be less difficult.

A cast-metal fast-relieve lever at the top stress the blade by twisting it down — which will come in handy for de-tensioning between uses, also. Once powered up, this General’s 11⁄2 hp motor unit really helped it vapor through tough maple, chopping six 24″-lengthy veneer bedding effortlessly. Two 4″ airborne dirt and dust plug-ins towards the bottom flywheel scenario stored dust to a minimum when associated with an 1,100 CFM dirt collector. I also take pleasure in the ft . brake that prevents the decreasing motion in only about 1.2 secs.

At nearly $1,600, this saw is amply showcased, but it is costed high in accordance with many of the test group of people. Blade-transform bother away, it carried out solidly.

It’s Contestant

For a dollar under $1,900 road, JET’s saw is a jolt on the pocketbook of the majority of enthusiasts. But that’s my only criticism in the JWBS-14SF. It was in most regards a delight to setup and use. Here is why. Straight back to my preliminary requirements, JET is doing its research to help make both upper and lower blade instructions simple to change. Large knurled knobs handle eccentrically shifting twice bearings on the top, therefore they set up without equipment. The less manual bearings are also easy to adapt: there is ample room beneath the table both for fingers, and also the rear rim- focused thrust having carries a management knob in front where you could pick up it.

Cutting blades thread right in through a top slit within the desk — much easier than saws with side-slit styles — and a hinged higher guard opens for large blade accessibility. After a blade is threaded, the saw carries a three-situation fast-launch lever in back again for tensioning. Watching windows within the top flywheel scenario, along with a large tensioning scale, enable you to keep track of blade adjustments at a glance with all the entrance shut.

JET equips the 14SF by using a extraordinary rip fence. The foundation casting is large and hair by using a sizable ratchet handle, and a beefy, 6″-high extrusion provides a lot of backing for taller resawing or flips right down to another low place when decreasing thin supply. The fence’s small-adjust handle is another useful asset here.

JET’s tool-much less blade instructions (remaining) simplify changes. The large 6″-large resaw fence (appropriate) comes with a threaded micro-adjuster for setting up precision slices. Our author located it to be the best rip fencing on this test group.

JET’s tool-less blade tutorials (left) simplify changes. The significant 6″-tall resaw fencing (appropriate) comes with a threaded mini-adjuster for establishing preciseness cuts. Our writer discovered so that it is the best rip fencing with this check class.

A huge throat plate opening with milled lightweight aluminum put in, long lasting knurled front door latches and out sized fingers tires are innovative, good quality details. Even tilting the desk is created simpler, thanks to a geared crank handle and shiny deal with.

After I fired this machine up, I found that it executes also around the keep track of because it sets up in the pit. There was lots of power for resawing vast maple, although no more than a tablespoon of dust particles was remaining in the decrease flywheel scenario after. Two extended metal dust particles plug-ins connect to 4″ hoses for cleaner decreasing.

While spending top money doesn’t always get high quality,in this case, I believe JET’s JWBS-14SF will turn out to be money well spent.


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