Carpet cleaning is much more than sucking the dust out of your carpets or beating the carpet with a stick. Therefore, you should learn more about carpet cleaning in order to get it cleaned properly by professionals.

In this article, we will tell you how a carpet cleaning service actually works. This way, you will be able to get the most out of the money you spend by hiring a carpet cleaning service provider for carpet stains removal job.

Cost Estimation

Cost estimation is the first step in every carpet cleaning job. An expert from the carpet cleaning company visits your property and estimates the total cost of carpet cleaning for your specific house.

In the cost estimation process, you are not bound to hire any carpet cleaning service, and can freely compare free estimates provided to you by different experts before finalizing.

Moreover, if the carpet cleaning company you have hired charges extra money to move furniture, they will discuss it with you.

Before Cleaning

Before starting the actual cleaning process, the experts will suck all the dust out of your carpets with the help of strong vacuum cleaners. Moreover, if your carpets stink, the experts might need to use sanitizers in order to keep the nasty smell away.

Cleaning Process

When the actual cleaning process starts, the carpet cleaning company will use a steam cleaning method to thoroughly and deeply clean your carpets. After bombarding your carpets with steam, vacuums are used to suck out all the loose dust and dust mites.

After cleaning the carpets, the cleaning company will assess the situation of your carpets and see if there are any stubborn stains which need to be removed separately.

These were some of the biggest steps in any carpet cleaning job.


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