Clash of Clans Spring 2020 Update is nearly here. Here’s a complete recap of all the new information that has been revealed for Clash of Clans Spring 2020.

It feels like the Clash of Clans Winter 2020 update is just around the corner after two weeks of sneak previews. Supercell’s Sunday forum posting was a summary of all that has been revealed for the update.

Super Troops

The Super Troops are temporarily powered-up versions of the Home Village’s regular Troop. They are currently the most talked-about addition to Clash of Clans. This great bot update brings four Super Troops to Clash of Clans, each with unique abilities that differ from their regular counterparts. These are the four Super Troops:

  • Super Barbarian
  • Sneaky Goblins
  • Super Giant
  • Superwall Breaker

One Super Troop can be active at a given time. The upgrade lasts seven days. Upgrades incur a Dark Elixir fee and you have to wait seven days before you can use the Super Troop again.

Clan Castle donations allow you to train only one Super Trooop, but other clan members can donate their Super Troops to your cause. If you’re using Super Barbarians, and they’re using Super Giants for you, you can have both of their Super Troops when you attack.

Supercell has confirmed that they will be introducing more Super Troops with the Spring 2020 update. However, only four Super Troops were announced. This is something to be excited about.

Modifications to the Builder Base

The changes to Builder Base are, for the most part. The time it takes to heal troops from the Battle Machine is being eliminated. This means you can now attack back-to–back-to-back without waiting. Also, the Clock Tower times have been adjusted.

The most controversial addition to Builder Base is the introduction of a tiebreaker. The link below will provide more information.

Super Troops is the main draw of this update. However, Supercell reduces the upgrade cost for many buildings, troops, spells, traps. Some troops and buildings will also get new levels.

This update will bring many long-requested features to the game, as well as the quality of life improvements. Clan War Leagues will see exciting changes. Clan Castle troops, donations, Clan Games rewards, and other areas are all being updated. The Champions League will make it impossible for members to access the CWL screen without having a role. This will limit enemy spying and infiltration.

Are You Ready to Release?

Supercell did not announce the exact date for the Spring 2020 update, but we can assume it will be released sometime this week. These are the main changes, and I don’t think we will get any additional sneak peeks. However, we will share the details and specifics in the patch notes when they are released.

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