Biotest had a target. We desired to develop a supplement that encourages the fitness of the prostate, and the urinary tract also enhances general sexual health and work. Our listing of intentions has been challenging:


In a nutshell, we desired to earn a supplement that could reinforce your Genito Urinary health, and that means that you might urine sex and better this up superior. Plus, it mightn’t only be for older guys who create way too many trips into the restroom or have erection issues, but for younger guys that need to maintain their prostate, penis, balls, and kidney function just as they did if they were at their twenties.

We coined the literature. We consulted pros. We noticed that the flaws and consequences of commercial”pro-state care” supplements also required note. We discovered exactly what worked and what did not.

Our labors triggered a listing of three pretty striking all-natural stuff, each using a hill of research supporting this, and each chosen for just how successfully it may possibly meet the aims in the list previously. We then now sourced the Maximum quality, many focused types of each of three and joined them to create Biotest’s P-Well™ formulation:

Here’s a fast overview of exactly what every one of those components is and exactly what it is supposed to perform:

Punicalagins out of pomegranate entire fruit infusion
Punicalagins would be the sizeable molecules accountable for much of this”magical” related to pomegranates and pomegranate juice. They participate in a category of polyphenols called ellagitannins which, once consumed, and behave in numerous ways. Some behave as antioxidants, even while some have been metabolized by microflora in the intestine to produce potent chemicals like ellagic acid and urolithins.

What’s hugely compelling on these is a high number of Invitro, animal, and human studies have indicated that they may possibly play a main part in the wellness of the individual genitourinary tract. One of the favorable findings of various pomegranate along with punicalagin studies would be the next:

Lycopene has over 2000 peer-reviewed studies dedicated to it, which makes it probably perhaps one of the most studied plant compounds .

Though its health-promoting consequences are varied, lycopene specifically reinforces male reproductive wellness in the next special manners:

Cranberries have an assortment of plant compounds with favorable results on the urinary tract. That is particularly valid with a formidable cranberry concentrate that way present from the P-Well™ formula.

Numerous research reveals cranberry, particularly cranberry focus, sustains the health of the muscles which control the intestine and the next significant benefits for your urinary tract:

The P-Well™ nutritional supplement differs from many formulas, so you will most likely not need to bring it on faith it’s working. Hopefully, it is going to reveal to you that it’s working by how it favorably affects your lifetime.

You could notice that you possess a stronger urine flow and also a far more efficient emptying of the bladder. You might like to have a better sex life using greater blood circulation into your penis.

Last, and maybe above all, P-Well™ affirms the entire health and role of this all-too-vulnerable prostate.


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