Grand Theft Auto V has been around since 2013. It was one of the most anticipated games of all time. Since then, it has been the second most-sold game and the most highly-reviewed entertainment product. GTA V is still immensely popular despite the fact that it hasn’t had any dramatic single-player updates. This is due to its ever-changing online mode.

We have ranked the most beautiful areas in Los Santos County and Blaine County on this huge map (almost fifty-five square miles).

10. Vespucci Beach

The long sandy beach is located on the left side of Los Santos. It offers stunning views of the ocean and distant mountains. It is beautiful to see, and you will also find many boats along the shoreline. There’s even a Ferris wheel and rideable rollercoaster on the pier. If you are the type who enjoys killing people, you will find many characters around the fires.

9. Fort Zancudo

Fort Zancudo, a military base is extremely heavily fortified. You cannot just walk into Zancudo. You must engage in an immediate four-star war with the military, who have tanks, which will require you to walk into Zancudo.

Jumping (in a vehicle), you can make your way across the fence via an incline located just after the tunnel close to Mount Chiliad. If you can move with enough speed and skill, you might just be able to find your way into a military plane or a tank and wreak absolute havoc.

8. Grove Street

Many people are unaware that Los Santos appeared in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas in 2004.

Grove Street is one the few places that appears in both GTA IV and making a trip there an enjoyable experience. This is a great place to go if you want to have a quick shootout.

7. The Top Of The Maze Bank Tower

Los Santos is home to many amazing views. However, the best view from the middle of the city is at the top of Maze Bank Tower.

This building is the highest in the game. From there, you can see all of the terrain from the ocean to the mountains. It’s a great place to test your piloting skills and you can even try parachuting from there.

6. The Diamond Casino & Resort

Although the Diamond Casino was always present in the GTAVmap it took players more than five years to find their way inside. GTA MLO map packs Online players have the ability to gamble at high-stakes table, slot machines, and even horse racing areas.

You can also buy luxury penthouses in the building.

5. Vinewood Hills

Many signs point out that Los Santos is a parody on Los Angeles. The most obvious sign is literally a sign. The huge Vinewood sign sits in the hills overlooking the most expensive area of the city.

It doesn’t matter if you walk through the desert heat or take a stroll along the winding roads lined with luxury apartments and million-dollar vehicles, it’s worth the effort.

4. The Top Of Mount Chiliad

The top of Mount Chiliad is a great spot in GTAV for many reasons. You can also reach it via a cable car (how many games do you have one of these? You can also ride your mountain bike all the way down.

It is also a great place to escape punishment and commit serious crimes. You can see the entire landscape from this location on clear days.

3. El Gordo Lighthouse

This list includes El Gordo Lighthouse because it is so rare for players to even remember that it exists.

The lighthouse can also be found in the ocean, just over the East Coast of Cape Catfish’s map. This unique location is beautiful in bright sunlight and terrifying in rain and mist.

2. The Alamo Sea

Although it connects directly to the ocean, The Alamo Sea can only be described as a large lake. It takes up a huge portion of Blaine County, sitting right next to Trevor’s airfield and in front of the mountain range.

It’s beautiful to see, and it is also the best place to learn sailing or swimming.

1. Raton Canyon

Raton Canyon is the best spot in the GTAmap. It connects The Alamo Sea to the ocean via twisting, turning rivers. You can access it by foot, bike, or boat.

It’s easy to navigate and there are beautiful spots all over Los Santos County.


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